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  • Donovan Tate

2020 Subaru Legacy Review & Buying Guide | It's a sedan! And a good one

Everything you need to know about pricing, specs, features, fuel economy, and safety

The 2020 Subaru Legacy is facing a very steep climb. Though redesigned and massively improved, it's still a sedan in an increasingly SUV world – and a sedan, no less, that has always struggled to attract shoppers away from the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. Even within Subaru's own dealerships, it seems destined to gather dust while buyers gobble up the brand's four popular crossovers.

But, who cares about popularity? The new Legacy is extremely good, benefiting from technological advancements and massive engineering upgrades for 2020 – including the welcome return of a turbocharged engine. It's better to drive, more comfortable, and easier to use, while maintaining its sterling safety reputation and standard all-wheel-drive system. Really, the Legacy has never been so appealing and competitive in the midsize sedan segment, even if its timing is a bit lousy. If you're among those happy to avoid the SUV trend, it is absolutely worth going against the grain.

What's new for 2020?

The Legacy is completely redesigned for 2020 – although it's a bit tough to tell by the styling. It adopts the same platform as other recently redesigned Subarus, most notably, the 2020 Outback that continues to be effectively a lifted Legacy wagon. Or, given their respective popularity, is the Legacy now a lowered Outback sedan? In any event, the two share virtually everything except their ride heights and trunk designs. That includes a substantially stiffer structure that contributes to improved handling, steering precision, ride comfort, and safety; a mostly new base engine and the welcome return of a turbocharged four-cylinder as the engine upgrade; new accident avoidance tech; and an improved interior with nicer materials, a more attractive design and a massive 11.6-inch vertically oriented touchscreen in most trim levels.



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